Family Counseling

develop the tools to overcome challenges together

Create A Supportive Family Environment

Facing challenges is a natural part of being a family. With family therapy, I strive to assist your family to further develop the tools to overcome challenges together, strengthen your relationships with one another, and create a supportive family environment. This type of therapy can be particularly helpful to families who have experienced a traumatic event, including among others, moving, the loss of a loved one, divorce, drug/alcohol problems, etc.

Divorcing, Separating, and Co-parenting

Divorce and separation can be a uniquely stressful and painful time. Counseling may help everyone involved regain their balance. Therapy may assist children and adolescence in accepting and understanding their family’s changing dynamics and parents move into a more impartial co-parenting stance.

  • For children and adolescents: Counseling can provide stability and promote a positive self-image for your children when their lives seem to be shifting beneath their feet. Through therapy, children can learn to stop blaming themselves for their parents’ conflict and begin to to talk about their thoughts and feelings. Counseling can help decrease your child’s loneliness, sadness, fear and anxiety.
  • For parents: Therapy can help you stabilize yourself emotionally so you can focus on the needs of your children. Therapy may help release you from being trapped in anger and resentment. Therapy also can help you learn, as a parent, how to assist children through the divorce transition.